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Home Oxygen Facial Equipment
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Home Oxygen Facial Equipment

Quick details

♦New idea for skin rejuvenation, safe treatment with good result.
♦Safe and effective for all skin types.
♦Friendly design, easy to operate.
♦Skin scan system involved, before after picture can be taken and displayed.
♦Air compressor inside, reserved oxygen bottle connection port makes two options available.
♦Emitting compressed air (using air compressor inside); or emitting medical oxygen (connected with oxygen bottle when operating).


Water Oxygen Facial Machine For Hair Restore , Teeth Cleaning



 80% of the skin is made up of collagen. The elder we are, the less oxygen our blood carries, which will fail collagen to generate. Meanwhile, skin moisture loses a lot and epidermis metabolism can not carry out normally.
On the theory of skin renew, the physical condition of the skin will be remolded by the biological effect of the pure oxygen molecule and sodium chloride molecule. Using this machine, you can control the treatment depth of the skin according to your requirements. The system will mix 99% of pure oxygen molecule and sodium chloride molecule into a new water-oxygen molecule(5~200μm) and then jet the mixture into the dermis or epidermis with the speed of 200m per second in order to thoroughly clean out the dirt inside the skin and to kill the anaerobic bacteria, meanwhile, moisture, oxygen, and other nutrients of the skin can be supplied, collagen regeneration and rearrangement are also prompted.




  1. Acne Treatments: pustule-type acne, knot boil acne, allergic-type acne, pimples, black-head acne and improve oily skin.
  2. Skin care: skin white and rejuvenation, black eyes, improve the dull skin, completely remove skin dirt and skin nutrition.
  3. Hair restore: remarkable effect on seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata, nerve alopecia and hair caring.
  4. Teeth cleaning: remarkable effect on teeth stains removing, dental calculus, yellow and black teeth.
  5. Treatment of superficial spot: superficial chloasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation, photo-rejuvenation caused pigmentation,    shallow sot, dark spots, etc
  6. Characteristic treatment: rehabiliation of burn injury, legacy scar of surgery, acne scars and skin allergy.




Gas type:

Compression Oxygen

Power source:


Ambient temperature:


Atmospheric pressure:


Operation Mode:

Continuous operation


52*45*122(cm) (L*W*H)

Relative Humidity:






Competitive Advantage:


  1. Equipped with specialized LED illuminators, it has remarkable effect on acne ad allergic skin treatment.
  2. With comfortable feels during treatment process, it makes refreshing, moistens, smoothly, exquisite, flexible and glossly on skin, which is a good beauty project on summer.
  3. once water-oxygen skin care has equal with 50 times ordinary skin cares.
  4. It is a kind of non-invasive therapy with safer, non cross-infection and painless.



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