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10 40MM IPL RF Shrink Pores , Pigment Removal Beauty Equipment / Machine
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10 × 40MM IPL RF Shrink Pores , Pigment Removal Beauty Equipment / Machine


Brief Introduction:


Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) is the upgrade of E-light. Because of its good treatment effect, and less postoperative complication, it is the best choice for Beauty Salon.


Treatment Principle:


Freckle Removal Treatment Principle:


OPT adopts the “selecively Thermal Absorption of Laser” principle. When the specific wavelength of light acting on the skin will be absorbed selectively by the melanin of diseased tissue ( the content of melanin in diseased tissue is much more than that of normal tissue.).



Some of melanin in the deep layer will be cracked for fine particles, and the particles will be swallowed by the phagocyte and expeled from body with lymphatic system. Some of melanin in the superficial tissue will be poped out of epidermis, then, the color of epidermis pigment will be deeper.


The melanin will dro with the skin cuticle metabolism. Thus, the freckle will be faded away. However, the normal skin absorbs less energy, and there is the strong epidermis cooling technology to protect it. Therefor, the normal skin won’t be hurt, at the same time, the skin will be improved.




Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Principle:


OPT adopts the Optothermal Principle, the optical energy will penetrate effectively the skin deep layer to release heat and light mechanical effect, which will stimulate the collagen regeneration, facilitate the papilla in dermis and epidermis incrassation.


Thus, it can achieve the effect of improving superficial wrinkles, skin tone improvement, shrinking pores, to make the skin exquisite and smooth in young state.



LEFT: Collagen Arrangement Situation of Loose Skin Before Treatment


RIGHT: After treatment, the Collagen becomes shrink and compact because of heat


Acne Removal Treatment Principle:


OPT adopts the Photodynamic and Optothermal Principle. When the specific wavelength optical energy irradiate the skin, it will stimulate effectively the porphyrin to release Singlet Oxygen, which can kill Propionibacterium Acnes (also named anaerobic bacteria, to completely eradicate the bacteria source.


At the same time, by photothermy, it will heat up the sebaceous gland, improve its function,balance the excretion of oily, to reach the treatment effect.



LEFT: Acne Skin Sebaceous Glands    



MIDDLE: Photodynamic acts in the sebaceous glands    



RIGHT: After photodynamic, the sebaceous glands recovery to normal value



Hair Removal Treatment Principle:


OPT adopts the “Selectively Thermal Absorption of Laser” principle. When the specific wavelength light penetrates the skin epidermis to reach the root of hair follicle. The melanin of hair shaft and hair follicle under the state of Anagen absorbs optical light and produces heat energy to reach the whole hair follicle volume.



After the hair follicle stem cells and target goals are thermal damaged, the hair under the state of Anagen will fall off automatically. At the same time, the hair matrix which provide melanin for the hair shaft, will produce photothermal effect with the hair papilla which provide nutrition, to restrain the melanin and nutrition provision. Therefor, the regeneration capacity of hair will be decrease.



The super refrigeration system for skin cold anesthesia, it can protect the normal tissues without any damage. Thus, the treatment process is safe and comfortable.


After the treatment, the hair individual becomes smaller, the color becomes shallow, the quantity will be reduced.


It can achieve real healthy, permanent hair removal in medical.



Anagen hair   Absorbed selectively    Hair begins to fall off   New hair becomes smaller






Skin Rejuvenation: Shrinking Pores, Improving Skin, Fortifying Skin Elasticity, Removal Blackhead and Whitehead.



Hair Removal: Remove the hair of different parts, such as Lip, Chest, Leg, Mustache, Armpit, Bikini Line, Forearm and so on.



Pigment: Freckle, Sunspot, Age Pigment, Mottled Inflammation after Pigmentation.



Vascular: Facial Flushing, Anti Redness, Telangiectasis on leds. As to such treatment, there is rather effect.



Competitive Advantage:


8.4 inch color Multi-touch screen, sensitive operation, simplicity, convenience and fastness, time and labor saving, high safety and the like.


Flat Wave Power, more stable output, more uniform energy, therefore it has less of loss, long lifetime.


Ultrastrong refrigeration, the treatment head can reach freeze within 5 minutes, to reduce the pain,protecting the skin at every moment.


OPT, the upgrade of E-light, has become the fist choice of Beauty INC,Medical Care.









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