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50 J / cm2 Laser IPL Machine For Sun Freckles , Chloasma Removal 400 - 1200 nm
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50 J / cm2 Laser IPL Machine For Sun Freckles , Chloasma Removal 400 - 1200 nm



IPL laser CAR belongs to the most advanced generation of intensive pulsating light (IPL) systems, which are used in procedures of epilation – permanent hair removal. Equipment of appliance enables performing quick and safe treatments on bigger and smaller areas of a body.

The most often is raised a question, why IPL laser CAR is better than IPL laser CARMEN X1. There are differences in size, weight. Consequently IPL laser CAR has better cooling system, which ensures longer quality operation. It also has stronger condensers and due to this longer operation capacity. IPL Carmen X1 is made for smaller salons, which are visited by more clients who need shorter treatments, while IPL laser CAR is strong enough for longer treatments, and at the same time fueling and cooling operate perfectly non-stop.

Replaceable applicator enables simple operating of appliance. This is a reason that appliance can be used also for other treatments, for example skin rejuvenation, active healing of acnes, removal of spots and pigmentations, removal of capillaries, healing of red nose, and much more.

Surface and shape of the IPL laser CAR are designed in a way which enables simple transport, cleaning and disinfection of appliance. For a purpose of transport standard package contains suitably protected aluminium box for carrying, while IPL laser appliance has a handle for easier inserting into a box.

IPL laser CAR is appliance which emits light radiation in a range of wave-lengths from 400 nm to almost infrared light (1200 nm), with a dosage of energy to 50 J/cm2 per pulse. Emitting of energy is perfomed with applicator, which contains very powerful xenon lamp made in USA.

The whole system is controlled by a microprocessor, which makes possible emitting individual pulses with beforehand determined strength.
Maximal strength of a lamp is 50 J/cm2. Iz can be gradually changed from 10 J/cm2 to maximal strength by 1 J/cm2.

Control symbols are placed on touch screen, application languages are Slovene and English.

Conducting system consists of removable applicator, which contains very powerful xenon lamp and highpass filter. Applicator of IPL laser is also cooled with water, what means that clients are ensured by the highest level of sacurity, because applicator surface which is in contact with skin remains cool.

Different wave-lengths which can be simply set by change of a special filter on IPL laser applicator enable adapting of energy spectrum to needs of different therapies.



IPL (Intensive Pulsating Light) is a type of intensive and coherent source of light of wave-lengths from 420 nm to 1200 nm. These special characteristics enable IPL laser its widespread use in therapies, based on selective impact of photothermolisis of light source on human tissue. IPL laser photo-rejuvenation is more effective and lasts for a shorter time than normal procedures – hair removal is permanent. It assures removal of various pigment spots, thin veins, red nose, etc.



Composition of IPL laser appliance
IPL laser consists of three main components: housing, control panel and applicator. Motor and control parts are placed inside housing.
Control panel is equipped with LCD screen, key for turning on and off, and key for emergency turn off. LCD screen displays operational parameters, a chosen treatment method and functional keys for operation.
Applicator consists of transmitting and transferring system.


Operation of IPL laser appliance
1.    Smooths smaller wrinkles, narrows pores, improves skin appearance and removes eye bags.
2.    Removes natural and sun freckles, and chloasma (state of increased skin pigmentation due to sun).
3.    Permanent hair removal on face and body.
4.    Removal of acnes and veins, healing rosacea (chronic inflammatory skin disease).



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